Friday, September 16, 2016

iPhone 7: New Home Button

Since the iPhone 7 came out today, I visited my local Apple Store. The first thing I noticed was the home button. During last week's keynote, I didn't really understand what they meant when they talked about a new home button. Now I understand. The new home button no longer pushes in. Instead you press on it and the Taptic Engine makes vibrations to give the sensation of pressing down. You can pick different vibrations as well. It's a little weird, but interesting at the same time. Another thing I noticed is that Reachability seems to have been removed. One thing remains unsolved, and that's how this button will evolve when next year's iPhone comes out.


  1. Reachability hasn't been removed at all. It's still there... I have an iPhone 7.

    1. Good to know. Maybe someone disabled it on that iPhone. I thought that would be a strange feature to remove. Thanks for letting me know!


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