Thursday, August 11, 2016

Siri Plays Pokémon Go?

From time to time, Siri will reference pop culture in her responses. Pokémon Go is no exception, which is a bit ironic considering it uses Google Maps. Asking her what her favorite Pokémon may yield one of the following results [Source: viridian-]:
  • Hypno ... is ... the ... most ... mesmerizing - hey, wait a minute!
  • Geodude, dude.
  • Polymaths prefer Poliwags
  • Oh, that one right there! Touching his egg! Did you see it?
  • I like playing peekaboo with Pikachu.
  • My favourite is Abra. No, Kadabra. Actually, Alakazam.
  • My heuristic algorithm does not currently support favourtism when it comes to animated creatures.
  • That yellow species with an electrostatic tail or veriable angles is rather cute.
  • Well, i couldn't exist without electrodes. (Thanks Ralpie)
  • "_____", I choose you! (Thanks Dragonilic)
  • I believe all Pokemon were created equal. (Thanks BaconLondoner)
Asking Siri if she plays Pokémon Go will yield more responses [Source: 9to5Mac]:
  • I like playing peekaboo with Pikac[h]u.
  • PokéStop!
  • Of course. That’s what it’s all about. Oh, wait, that’s the hoké Pokémon.
  • Snorlax. Zzzz. Sorry, what was the question?
  • Confining virtual beings inside powerful devices makes me feel funny for some reason.
  • Oh, is that why everyone keeps asking what color a Geodude is?
  • Chance! Go!
  • I’ve been looking in the muck for Muk.
  • I like pocket monsters. Pocket assistants, too.
  • Just make sure to look both ways. And up and down, too.

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