Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tesla Model X Saves A Man's Life With Autopilot

Although many have been somewhat worried about Tesla's autopilot lately, here's a bit of news that is a perfect example of the many benefits of self-driving cars [Source: TechCrunch]. Joshua Neally was coming home from work when a pulmonary embolism suddenly struck him. In a bold move, Neally had his Tesla Model X drive him about 20 miles to an off-ramp close to a hospital. By the off-ramp, he was able to drive to the nearby hospital. He made it to the hospital and recovered. Many question whether he made the right choice to let his car drive him instead of calling an ambulance. Either way, we can all agree he made a better decision than the guy who was stabbed while playing Pokémon Go, and then proceeded to continue playing the game.

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