Thursday, May 23, 2013

Surface: You're Still Not Getting It

Recently, Microsoft has suddenly realized that people don't understand this whole Surface stand commercial campaign. So, Microsoft has unleashed a new campaign ad, but it doesn't exactly make it a better impression on users. Instead, it pokes mean jokes at the iPad. However, they're making more fun of themselves  than they are at Apple. Microsoft is not advertising anymore of their features than they are of Apple. If anything, their advertising more Apple features than Microsoft features. Microsoft doesn't understand that the people don't want to edit power points on the tablet. When an average consumer looks at the ads, they say, "Wow! I want to play the piano on my iPad!" In addition, the Surface may have 64 GB and cost less, however, it only has 30 GB of free space due to the massive operating system. The Microsoft app store only has 3,000 apps as opposed to the Apple App Store with 300,000 apps. And, having two screens too complicated. If you want to do these kinds of things on an iPad, they're apps for it. Better apps.

Unfortunately, the ad isn't on an accessible source yet.

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