Sunday, May 5, 2013

Need a list?

The "Festival Survival Kit" section
of the Apple App Store
So, this app review has a little background to it. Last week, there was an app collection called "Festival Survival Kit". In the app collection, I found an app called "Travel List - Easy trip packing and planning". It was $2. I was dying to buy it. I'm thinking, "What if it goes on sale?" However, today, I finally bought it. It wasn't on sale, but I felt the need to buy it. So I did. After reading the reviews. All good reviews except for one. That one was because the person didn't have iOS 6. No problem for me. All I saw were green lights. Now for the review. This app is very elegant and beautiful. The first thing I checked for is if it synced with iCloud. It did. One of the best features is that it's not just a packing list. It also gives you a schedule and alert page. The alerts are great because I always needed some sort of reminder to make sure to put my iPad in my backpack. I would charge it the night before, so it wasn't in my backpack at the time. That makes this a very helpful app. For this, I give this app five-out-of-five Geek Glasses.

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