Friday, May 10, 2013

Find My Friends Secret

Apple's app, Find My Friends, is an app that allows you to track your friends and family. And those who use it know that they can change the label that appears when people search for them. Normally, there are presets that include:

- Home
- Work
- School
- Gym
- or you can pick none

These don't change as they are presets but, you can add your own labels. However, there is one time that the presets will actually change. And that's by taking the long way and going to the one and only 1 Infinite Loop itself (or at least near it). Also known as "The Mothership", 1 Infinite Loop is Apple's headquarters and is advertised in some of their products, such as the maps app icon. When you arrive, open Find My Friends and tap "Me". Notice that near the address says "Apple Inc." at the top. And if you tap "Choose Label", you'll find that "Apple Inc." is added to your presets! Although this isn't permanent, it's a nice, small little touch that adds some interest after a long journey. 

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