Sunday, May 26, 2013

iOS Maintenance

Is your iOS device running slow? Before restarting try clearing out your multitasking bar. To do so, simply double click your home button (bottom button with square) to make the multitasking bar appear. Then, touch and hold an icon in the multitasking bar until they wiggle. A red circle with a minus sign will appear with each app. Tap on it to close the app. The app and app data will NOT be deleted. Repeat the process for every app you want to close (I recommend closing every app if your device is running slow). There is currently no way that I know of to close out every app at once. To get the icons to stop wiggling, click the home button. Click the home button or tap outside of the multitasking bar to return to whatever you were doing. You can always return to the multitasking bar to switch through apps.

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