Sunday, April 14, 2013

Save AppGratis!

AppGratis, the app that gives you one free app a day, has been removed from the Apple App Store! But, is it all over? We get the final say. Please, sign the petition to bring back AppGratis by sending an email to and save AppGratis. I have, and you should too. AppGratis has put out an official statement.

Last week, on April the 5th, Apple decided to ban AppGratis from its App Store.
Because more than 12 million people in the world use AppGratis, this story has been all around the planet.
In an official statement to the Wall Street Journal on april the 8th, Apple said we violated two of its iOS Guidelines.
But we know we haven't.
And we have written our side of the story here.
Today we believe it's you, Apple's customers, who should have the final word.
Today, you can speak up.
Tell Apple that you think different.
Tweet it to the world! Save AppGratis! Here's my Google+ post:
Support AppGratis, sign the petition: 
The AppGratis app gives you a free app a day. Apple has removed the app from their store. Power to the apps. Save AppGratis. Because there should always be an app for that.
- +Alex Baratti  

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