Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Farewell AppGratis!

If you haven't heard, AppGratis, the app that gives you one free app a day, has been removed from the Apple App Store. If you have it already, then don't worry. It still works (for now). Apple, nor AppGratis, has made any statement about the removal. Multiple theories are brought up about the removal. The first is that AppGratis violates the following guideline.
Source: TechCrunch Japan
"apps that display apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected"
- Updated Apple App Store Guidelines
However, multiple theories say that AppGratis may have a small bug or invalid code that can easily be fixed by an update to the app. No one quite knows. AppGratis has been noted in several tech magazines, has made small apps popular, and has just released the iPad version of the app last week. The service has even caused the Pets+ (formally known as "Pets+ | The Pet Organizer") server to crash due to the sudden popularity and had a negative impact on the app. Yesterday, Pets+ made a statement along with a 2.0 update to the app.

"NOTE: Due to a "free app of the day" promotion recently, we had a system overload and users were getting a lot of errors... unfortunately this generated a lot of negative reviews. Please be assured the problem has been resolved, thank you for your patience and support! Enjoy Pets+ =)"
- Pets+ Statement 

Hopefully, AppGratis will appear back on the Apple App Store soon. 

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