Sunday, April 7, 2013

iOS Lifestyle: The Foodie

For this time on "iOS Lifestyle", we'll be talking about the foodie. The recipe keeper. The cooker. The dinner planner. Here are a list of great apps.

Yelp is the essential app for just about anyone! It's simple and turns going to restaurants into a game. You can become the duke of a business, get free coupons, and make a reservation. And of course, find reviews!

What do you do when you have no idea what to eat? You can ask Siri or you could have some fun with it. With Urbanspoon, just shake your phone and it gives you a random restaurant based in your filters.

Evernote Food (and Evernote):
For those who collect recipes, you need Evernote Food! This is probably one of the best recipe holders because it collects ANY recipe. It also shows you restaurants and collects dinner party memories. When you get this app, you should also get Evernote and an Evernote account.

Cookbook iBooks:
In the iBookstore (get the iBooks app), there are many cookbooks with interactive media.

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