Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cheap Products: Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

Do you have an iPhone 5, iPad Mini, or anything that uses the new Lightning connector? If so, this is for you! Here's what the series is about. I was looking for adapters for my iPhone 5. But the ones made by Apple are SO expensive. No offense Apple. Anyways, I found some cheaper items for free shipping. They cost around $2 each. Don't ask me why they are so cheap. There is a catch. They're shipped from China. That means that it takes AT LEAST 11 days to deliver. If you want faster shipping, it's $30. You're better off buying the ones sold by Apple for $20 and free two-day shipping. Yesterday, my first package arrived. It only took 11 days. My other packages are taking 44 days to deliver, so this is a treat. This package has the Lightning to Micro USB Adapter. So, let's put this to the test. Does it work and is it worth it? Right out of the box, there's a huge error. It looks completely different than the product advertised. It was supposed to look like the adapter made by Apple, but instead, it looks strange. The edges are messed up. And if you look at the reviews, rage is what you read.

"Product send was a fake. It was not the authentic Apple adapter pictured. It is not the same size. It does not have the pictured logo on the product. It's clearly a fake."
- TXShopper 
Product advertised
Product delivered
However, I must say that it does work and does what it's advertised to do. However, it appears that some people's adapters came broken. You may have to take a chance when buying this. Good luck!

To see or buy the product described, click here.

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