Saturday, January 5, 2013


Source: Minecraft Wiki
Herobrine is probably one of the most-speculated, non-canon characters in the gaming and technology world. For those who don't know, Herobrine is a fake character in Minecraft. He also looks very similar to Steve, the default character of Minecraft. I do think that it would be cool if he was in the game but, Herobrine is a figment of a community's imagination. He is sometimes portrayed as Notch's (from Mojang) dead brother. This is invalid as Notch never had a brother. The reason that Herobrine doesn't exist is because there is no source code in the game that refers to him. However, there has been times where Mojang (Minecraft Developers) have pretended that Herobrine was real with the community. In almost every update, a feature may have some reference with Herobrine. This, however, has no real reason to be there. Mojang would say that they removed Herobrine as a bug fix. This is in fact, not true. Notch once stated that Herobrine would one day be in an update, however, he has taken this statement back. Although Herobrine has been in many Mojang appearances, including adding his skin in the XBox 360 Edition, this not true and is either Mojang toying with the community or the appearance was fan-created. Bottom line, Herobrine couldn't exist in Minecraft.

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