Sunday, January 6, 2013

Charging Your Battery

I know this is a rather simple topic. However, some people don't fully understand exactly how it works. The battery in your iOS devices are lithium-ion batteries. They are different than the ones in your remote control. They are rechargeable (and, yes, I know about the batteries for remote controls that are rechargeable, but this is different). I know a few friends and relatives who shall remain name-less in this blog post. They tend to take advantage of their iOS's massive battery life and let it drop until the battery dies. This isn't wrong, but it isn't as efficient as the method I will now describe.

The Rules of the Method:

1. Charge your iOS device EVERY night when you go to sleep. Even if it is around 100%. Lithium-ion batteries CANNOT be overcharged.

2. Don't worry about the environment or power. When charging your iOS device, it uses less energy than your average light bulb.

3. Keep your battery at a good level before you go out. When you're not using it after you wake up or if you're using it, but you're not too far from a charger, keep it plugged in. Try to keep it above 75% before noon.

Note: Games like Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Plants vs. Zombies are VERY battery consuming.

The only device that I have made an exception to is my Kindle. This is because it has a one month battery life and I take it to school everyday. I charge it once a month so I don't run the risk of leaving it at home.

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