Friday, May 17, 2019

The Spotlight Glitch on iOS

This has been a glitch that has annoyed me for the longest time. I finally found out how to consistently recreate it on multiple devices. The process is fairly simple. Unlock your iOS device to the home menu and swipe down to reveal the Spotlight search screen. The keyboard will appear, then disappear, and reappear again. This has been driving me insane. As someone who uses Spotlight for nearly everything, it's frustrating when the keyboard decides to seemingly randomly disappear. I now know that this only seems to happen when Spotlight is opened immediately after unlocking the device, but this has been going on for sometime now. You'd think Apple would've found it and fixed it by now. I wish I had the time to make a video demonstrating it, but I've found that the screen recording seems to cause the glitch to not occur. In short, you can try it out for yourself. Maybe you've noticed this glitch but didn't know the cause. Regardless, hopefully Apple fixes it soon.


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