Saturday, May 11, 2019

iPhone Cases: Leather or Silicone?

Apple iPhone cases come in a multitude of colors and the choice of two materials: leather and silicone. Which is better for you? Prices aside, let's look at both. Silicone colors are cooler and brighter while leather colors are warmer and darker. While leather will age, it does so in a way that doesn't look too bad. It looks pretty natural. Silicone doesn't age, but in my experience, dark marks often appear after significant use. In addition, silicone is good with water. Aesthetically speaking, both look good in their own lights, but if there's one thing to note, I personally prefer leather because it reminds me of a wallet, something I see the smartphone fully replacing one day. I don't recommend the folio by the way, as it can be awkward to carry cash with and it essentially just a leather case glued on to a piece of leather. In short, take note of these points and see if you prefer one material over the other. 

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