Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Monitors at the Genius Bar

I had to go to the Genius Bar today and while I’m waiting, I usually like to watch the videos that play on the monitors at the Genius Bar. Usually, they have tips and some support information, along with some marketing. However, when I went, I only saw two videos on loop: a video for the iPhone XS and a video for the iPhone XR. Nothing else. Most people wouldn’t think much of it, but I’ll always prefer the short videos that could teach you something new while waiting. After all, the Genius Bar is for those who already own an Apple product, so why not teach them something new rather than constantly ask them if they want a new phone. I know I’m looking way too into this, but part of the experience of an Apple Store is that the experience is usually more than just buying something. Hopefully this is temporary and they bring back the videos, assuming other Apple Stores are doing this too. 

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