Sunday, May 19, 2019

Content vs. Platform

I think Apple has historically made a good habit of ensuring they provided platforms for developers, artists, and others, without making too much content for those platforms. It kept Apple's image neutral and professional. However, as of late, Apple has begun making a lot of content that's out of the norm of Apple's regular habits. Whether it's Apple TV+, Carpool Karaoke, or Warren Buffet's Paper Wizard, I find it hard to find the target audience for the content Apple makes. When I ask others about things like these, they tell me they've never heard of it. So, you could narrow the audience down to those who follow Apple news. I personally don't plan to get Apple TV+ or any of the things I've mentioned. I think Apple should focus on what they do best, which is providing a platform for other content creators. We've seen it work with the App Store and the iTunes Store. And if Apple wants to make money with subscription services (which is a can of worms by itself), the solution has to be better than Apple News+. I think the service can be better if it gets more support and lowers its prices. Maybe if Apple provided a single subscription solution that supported App Store developers, we could see both benefit to Apple and less apps that require subscriptions for basic functionality. The App Store is plagued by apps that lock basic functionality behind subscriptions because the App Store is becoming less profitable. I think Apple needs to be looking towards a solution that solves this problem, while giving the user reason to support the solution.

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