Thursday, January 31, 2019

Google Also Incentivized Users to Install Their Data Collecting App

This has been a terrible week for data privacy. Which is very ironic considering Data Privacy Day was this week on January 28, 2019. Apple had their FaceTime bug and Facebook paid users to install a data-hungry VPN. It turns out that Google was doing the exact same thing as Facebook, which does not surprise me at all [Source: TechCrunch]. Google had an app called Google Screenwise which gave gift cards to users who shared their internet traffic with Google. Google has apologized for this, but it is harder to take companies like Facebook and Google seriously when they get caught like this. It begs the question, how often do they not get caught? It's important to remember that with Google, you are the product. It's not like Amazon where it's clear where the bulk of a company's income is from. You rarely see Google ever bring up money.

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