Thursday, January 17, 2019

Collection #1 Breach

As we invest more of our time and resources into technology, more is at stake with each digital footstep we take. Unfortunately, we've had one of the biggest data breaches in history today. Troy Hunt, a security researcher who works on the site Have I Been Pwned, broke the news of a data breach he calls Collection #1. This collection has a total of 1,160,253,228 unique combinations of emails and passwords. At this point, I recommend you enter your emails into Have I Been Pwned to see if your email was found on a breached site. Even if your email or password wasn't found on a breached site, you should change your password regardless. This breach is believed to be totaling 87 GB of usernames and de-hashed passwords. Brian Krebs says that there are likely more breaches on the way that could total 1 TB of data.

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