Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Need to Lower iPhone Prices

iPhone X was way over-stocked in the post holiday season. The phone that brought so much change while serving as a culmination of ten years of iPhone has hit a roadblock. The main barrier in iPhone X is clearly the price. I think Apple's headed in the right direction with the LCD model that's rumored to come out this year, as well as the iPhone 8 line, but I think they're not understanding their audience. Normal people want an iPhone at a normal price. They likely don't care about LCD vs. OLED. A larger display might not mean much. In addition, the lineup is too confusing. I remember when the iPhone lineup was simple. If you ask what the newest iPhones were, you would hear the the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are the newest models. Why is there no iPhone 9? What makes the iPhone X so special? A lot of unnecessary confusion is brought to the consumer. They may be confused as to why the iPhone X is so expensive, especially if they don't understand OLED technology. Apple needs to cleanup their lineup this year. Make the iPhone X-style display standard, but don't force OLED technology and cut prices. Make a more legitimate reason to upgrade to the high-end model than just OLED and Animoji.

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