Monday, June 12, 2017

Safari Autoplay Blocking

In macOS High Sierra, Safari will be getting a few new features. Apple has been focusing hard on controlling things that ruin the user's experience. One of these things are autoplaying videos. These videos are often found on news sites and automatically play as an advertisement, distracting from the written article. This is embarrassing if you're in a library or work setting with the volume turned up. Thankfully, we can start to hope this to be a thing of the past with macOS High Sierra.


  1. I've been hesitant to upgrade to Sierra on my MacBook Air. I'm not sure why. Should I or nah?

    1. With macOS updates, I wait a long time to upgrade. I just finally upgraded about a month ago, when I didn't have any essays or important tasks due. This makes sure bugs are ironed out with minor updates and patches. Anyways, at this point, you're probably safe to upgrade. There isn't much in this update, and I don't notice many of the features, but I would recommend doing it since it helps keep things in iCloud consistent, especially with the new file formats for pictures and video on the new iPhones.


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