Monday, June 13, 2016

Feature Request: Workout Events

Today is the day. WWDC is here. So, for a last minute post, here's one feature that I want to see for watchOS 3. Anyone who has used the Workout app for Apple Watch knows that it's a bit cumbersome to start a workout. First you have to get to the Workout app, which involves finding the small icon in your ocean of apps packed into a tiny screen, followed by picking the type and goal of the workout. It can be pretty annoying. I would love to see Workouts embedded into calendar events. As someone who does tennis lessons on a recurring basis, having a notification from the Calendar app prompting me to start a workout I've already setup prior would be perfect for me. I would just tap the big "Start Workout" button from the notification and that's it! If not in watchOS 3, I would love to see this feature in some update. The sooner, the better.

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