Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Quick Recap of WWDC 2016: tvOS 2

At WWDC, Apple announced the first major update to tvOS, the operating system for Apple TV. So, let's dive into the details.

tvOS 2

tvOS 2 adds some great new features to your TV. Starting with Siri, you can ask for movies based on topics or search content via apps ("Search YouTube for cat videos"). If you use streaming services, you know what it's like to sign in to them. You get a screen with a code and you have to go on your computer to complete the process. Single Sign-on fixes this. You now just have to sign in once with your TV provider on your TV, and compatible apps will use this login. There's also a dark mode, similar to the dark mode in macOS. Photos and Music now reflect the new designs in iOS 10. An app will be released that will allow you to control your new Apple TV. I'm not sure if this is the Remote app, or a completely new app. HomeKit is now available from Apple TV, so you can control your HomeKit enabled devices from your couch. Finally, if you download an app on your iPhone that has a tvOS app, it'll automatically download to the Apple TV. Overall, there are some nice features here that will help you better enjoy your content.

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