Monday, February 22, 2016

Apple Disables Most Of Apple Pencil's Functionality In New Beta

In the iOS 9.3 beta, Apple has removed a lot of functionality for the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro. Essentially, you can only use Apple Pencil for drawing. Yes, you can do all those cool things you saw in the official announcement video (i.e. rotation and pressure), but simple functions have been removed. Functions like selecting and swiping have been removed. Why? My best guess is that it's Apple vision to have the Apple Pencil be exclusive for artists. I'm not really cool with this. While I don't own an iPad Pro or an Apple Pencil, I loved the Apple Pencil from the start. I loved that it was a truly universal wireless stylus that worked with any app because it was developed by Apple. A lot of that has been taken away now. That's not how you get the consumer to like your product. They bought your product, Apple. They should expect it to work with simple things like swiping and scrolling, they shouldn't expect these essential features to be removed, and they certainly shouldn't expect this stylus to be a product only useful to artists after being useful for everyone. It should be noted that Apple has been known to remove features and bring them back in their final form.

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