Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Apple Music for Android Supports SD Cards

Apple has made it clear in the past that they will be sure to utilize elements from the Android OS into their Android apps, such as Apple Music and Move to iOS. For example, they will use the Android share icon instead of the iOS share icon in Android apps. Google actually doesn't do this in their iOS apps. If you look at YouTube for iOS for example, you'll find there are Action Bars, Android icons, and Card Views. Apple Music for Android now supports saving songs to SD cards, a feature iOS is unable to do. Although not all Androids can do this, it's interesting to see Apple use something iOS can't do in one of their apps. Now what this means is that Androids could potentially hold more songs offline than iOS. iOS devices don't have SD card readers built-in, so they can only hold about 128 GB of songs. Android devices could potentially have 128 GB of storage plus a 128 GB SD card for Apple Music. Of course, that's a far stretch to have that much music. Let's just hope that Google returns the favor by adding multitasking to YouTube for iOS. Apple Music is available for free from the Google Play Store [Direct Link].

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