Friday, February 19, 2016

Government Changed Password on Shooter's iPhone

Okay, I'm going to try to describe what happened as best as I can right now, but it's a bit complicated. Also, if you haven't read my opinion on the whole "backdoor dispute" thing, I recommend you read that now.

So, according to BuzzFeed, the government got a hold of some Apple engineers to help them crack open the iPhone owned by one of the shooters from the San Bernardino shooting last year. Apple suggested several ways, one that involved connecting the iPhone to a WiFi network. But, it turns out the government changed it. How? I have no idea. Apparently, the San Bernardo Health Department was the one who changed it. Yep, it's this kind of disorganization that causes this kind of stuff to happen. I wouldn't want my phone to be in the hands of people who would be changing my password and who can't keep track of said password. In fact, if this password wasn't changed, the government wouldn't need this backdoor solution. The FBI is trying to blame their own fire on Apple while they add some fuel to that fire.

If you agree with me, be sure to sign the official White House petition to support Apple and to not use a backdoor. We have until March 18, 2016 to reach 100,000 signatures.