Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Google Glass 2.0

Google Glass 2
Image Credit: CNET
Remember Google Glass? It's finally back, but for enterprise. What? Well, while it is nice to see Glass getting some practical application, what about all the consumers who want to get their hands-- I mean faces on this product? And what about the "explorers" who paid $1500 for it? Do they get an upgrade? It doesn't seem like it, which is a shame because leaks show the device with a better processor and better battery. Not only that, but it only has half of a frame instead of a full frame (shown to the right). Probably the number one complaint from the device was that it would overheat and the battery was too small. Hopefully, these groups will get their chance. If you want to hear my impressions of the original Google Glass, check out my (really old) review below.

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