Monday, December 7, 2015

Apple Maps Is 3x As Popular As Google Maps On iOS

Although criticized at its launch, Apple Maps has put its awkward past behind it. It was plagued with some bad directions for some people which gave it a bad impression on users, caused Scott Forstall to lose his job, and spawned a joke on the HBO tech-comedy, Silicon Valley. Google Maps even poked fun at Apple by making as big a deal as possible about their Google Maps app for iOS. Now, these issues have been worked out and Apple had a good talk with their data providers in the back room of their headquarters where many people seem to go into, but few come out. Apple Maps is now used three times as much as Google Maps on iOS devices. It should be noted that there is no Apple Maps for Android and there is no Apple Maps user base for Android devices, but there is a Mac app.
"Apple says its mapping service is now used more than three times as often as its next leading competitor on iPhones and iPads, with more than 5 billion map-related requests each week. Research firm comScore says Apple has a modest lead over Google on iPhones in the U.S., though comScore measures how many people use a service in a given month rather than how often."

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