Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chromebook: The Pros and Cons

Today, I made a trip to do a quick review on the Chromebook OS. I tested this out on a Samsung Chromebook. For this post, I'll be listing the pros and cons of Google's new laptop, the Chromebook.

Speed and 10 Second Startup Time:

First off, the Samsung Chromebook truly does have a 10 second startup time. It's really living up to its title.
The rest of the OS didn't seem to be nearly as fast as other laptops. Other tasks (such as searching the web) also took about 10 seconds. :-(


Have you been wondering why Google has been making seemingly random software that few people need (Google+ Hangouts, Google Cloud Print, Google Talk, etc.)? There are two reasons. First off, this is because that Google wants you to use their software specifically for the Chromebook.
The other reason lies in the cons area unfortunately. The Chromebook really doesn't handle any other software than Google-made software. It has very little compatibility with third-party software. In fact, there is only one application on the Chromebook. That is Chrome. Every application is run from inside of a browser. Yes, even the settings. In summary, the Chromebook's "apps" are really just links to URLs that you could get on any other computer.* This means that the majority of tasks you can do on a Chromebook are online (With a purchase of a Chromebook, you get 100 GB of free Google Drive cloud storage). This is also why the Chromebook only has 16 GB of storage (a standard laptop has at least 64 GB).

"One Subject Notebook"

One of the great parts of a Chromebook is how cost-efficient it is! Starting at $249! Which brings us to the "cons" section (P.S. Don't think I'm trying to rant on the Chromebook. It's truly a cool computer. I am simply telling the true facts.).
The Chromebook has only a few functions and only is useful for one thing. You can make that school or work, but it's not the best tool for combining the two. It really is a modern version of a old computer. It's primary function is only one thing. Surfing the web.

My Thoughts Of The HP Chromebook 11:

Just as a little side note before I wrap up this post, this laptop symbolizes Google. It showcases all four of Google's primary colors (red, yellow, green, and blue) on its backlight and comes in your choice of the same colors, or black. You can even charge it using a micro-USB cable (the same cable that most Android phones use). It looks really cool for only $249. 

Final Thoughts of the Chromebook OS:

This is truly a great notebook. I find this notebook most useful for a student attending a school or college because of its amazing cost-efficency and integration of school-friendly apps such as Google Drive, Google+ Hangouts, and Google Search for research. For a full list of uses for the Chromebook, click here. This product is also on my Holiday Gift List 4 Geeks.

* You can get your Mac and PC apps using Chrome Remote Desktop (which also runs in the Chrome app). I haven't tested this out which is why I put this as a footnote.

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