Thursday, October 24, 2013

Apple iPad Event 2013 - Part 2

Today, I'll be talking about the software announced at the Apple event this week. Apple has announced  updated versions of their apps for Mavericks and iOS 7. It was pretty much focused around iWork and iLife.


iWork is the Apple version of Microsoft Office. Finally, iWork has collaboration. Collaboration allows for multiple people to work on one document at once. It's pretty cool (even though Google Drive had it first). Other than that, iWork brings more enhancements such as amazing styling tools and interactive charts and graphs.


iPhoto (part of iLife) finally adds photo books to iOS. In the Mac version, you could buy photo books for about $40 each. We can finally do that on our iOS devices. Garageband (also part of iLife) allows you to play 16 tracks at once and 64-bit iOS devices (iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2) can run up to 32 tracks at once. The Mac version of GarageBand has a new feature named "Drummer." First, add in your music into your mix like normal. Then, add the instrument "Drummer." Pick a drummer with the correct personality with your song and fine-tune their drumming beat and what part of the drum they hit. iMovie has some more advanced tools for editing in slow motion. This should be helpful for people with iPhone 5s'.
P.S. To the person who I gave my business card to today: I hope I didn't freak you out like that! 

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