Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apple iPad Event 2013 - Part 1

Yesterday, Apple announced a few new products. Today, I'm going to do a quick recap of the iPads announced.

iPad Air:

The iPad Air is the iPad 5 that I've been talking about. It's as I've predicted, it would have thinner side bezels, but no one expected that name! "iPad Air. iPad Air? Am I saying that right?" If that sounds weird at all, that's because it's based off of one of Apple's laptops, the MacBook Air. In addition to the new look, it is thinner and has a new Smart Cover and Smart Case (with only three creases instead of four)!

iPad Mini:

As expected, the iPad Mini now has a Retina Display. A display with such a high resolution, pixels cannot be distinguished by the eye. In addition, this iPad Mini now has an A7 chip. This is a MASSIVE improvement over the first-generation's A5 chip. 


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