Monday, August 19, 2013

What I Could Dig Up: iPhone 5S/5C and iPad 5 - Part 1

Here's some quick facts about what we know about the new iPhone(s) and the new iPad. Part 2 will come out when more details are available.

iPhone 5S:

  • Announcement date: September 10th
  • Possibly in a gold color option.
  • Wider camera aperture.
  • There is no change in the megapixels.
  • Possibly a 128 GB option?

iPhone 5C:

  • Will be announced alongside the iPhone 5S.
  • No gold color option.
  • It may replace the iPhone 5.
  • Missing features to make it more cheap.
  • It seems to be made of plastic. 
  • It still has a Lightning connector.

iPad 5:

  • Thinner side bezels. Much like the iPad Mini.
  • New back shell. Also like the iPad Mini.
  • Back shell color reflects the color option on the front of the iPad.
  • Overall, it looks like a big iPad Mini.

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