Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Nintendo 2DS! It's like a 3DS but with a 2!

Nintendo made a surprise announcement yesterday (along with a Wii U price cut) that they would announce a brand new system to the "3DS family". It's called the 2DS. Initially, it sounds like a joke, but it's not. This is a real thing. It doesn't fold, unlike the 3DS or DS. It's more of a Game Boy. Nintendo made the 3DS a toy. Apparently, their logic goes like this. "Folding seems too 3D-ish, so let's make it flat!" You can't fit it in your pocket (not the best strategy for StreetPasses) and Nintendo endorses a carrying bag (an extra $12.99). The 2DS in general is a great marketing tactic for making the 3DS games more accessible to the general public without a 3DS. However, a $129 price tag won't cut it for some people. Especially when they can just buy a 3DS and turn off the 3D for an extra $40 ($169). Long story short, good idea, bad outcome. This system only appeals to people under 7 (who shouldn't be exposed to 3D) and people who are just in it for the gaming. After all, nobody really uses the 3D. One final note, the 2DS has the ability to take 3D pictures, but it can't display them in 3D. Strange.

The Nintendo 2DS has a set release date for October 12, 2013 (The same day that Pok√©mon X & Y come out; The funny part is that there's no Z for a 3D "Z axis"). 

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