Friday, August 9, 2013

Deletion: How Does It Work?

How can a computer forget something by command? It can't exactly. When you put something in the trash, the computer only marks the file as void and it can't be used. When you empty the trash, it's still not gone. The computer marks the storage once accumulated by the deleted file as "free". If you have a recovery method or software, use it now. But if you "write over" the deleted data (download or create another file), then the file might become corrupt. This means that the deleted file might look completely random. But it's possible to"stitch" the file back together but it'll be expensive (check the internet for a free service first). It's kind of like putting shreedded pieces of paper back together. 

Credit: Vsause from YouTube
Once, there was a photographer named Melanie Willhide had her laptop stolen and the thief deleted and corrupted her pictures. Eventually, she got it back. The photos were corrupted in a way that was cool, so she put them in an exhibit. Here's some of her photos below. 

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