Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary Tech Talk 4 Geeks!!!

A year ago today, Tech Talk 4 Geeks was created. It started when I wanted to share my knowledge of iOS devices and Macs. I'd tried making magazines, writing books, and more! But none of those worked out because I didn't have enough time to fill a book, let alone a magazine (especially not every month). So, I had to find a method to share the knowledge with a service that would let me write as much as I'd want to and as often as I'd wanted. Then, I thought of Blogger. It made it easy to post on-the-go too! The next morning, I made my first post. So, while the first post was August 6th, this is the blog's creation date. It was created at night, so there was no time for me to post. And that's how Tech Talk 4 Geeks came to be. Thank you to all of you readers who have been with me whether you've found this blog the day it was founded or just yesterday.

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  1. Happy anniversary TechTalk4Geeks ! It’s been a great year full of fun and informative posts. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Great job Alex.


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