Monday, June 17, 2013


When making a passcode for your iOS device, there are a few pre-cautions to know. 

Turn "Erase Data" off! If someone (like your kid) gets the password wrong 10 times, all data WILL be erased. Turning "Erase Data" off will prevent this. 

Back it up! The easiest way to backup is to go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > and turn "iCloud Backup" on. This will automatically backup your device every night (assuming that you're charging your device every night, it's connected to WiFi, and the device is in sleep mode). 

Remember the passcode! If you don't remember it, your iOS device will be in lockdown after a few attempts.

Every time you get it wrong, you have to wait a certain amount of time. Every time you get it wrong again, the time will increment. If you do it too many times, you must plug in the computer that it has synced with before. 

If you haven't synced with a computer before, this message will appear on the computer you attempt to sync it with. 
If you can't get your device to unlock, it's time to delete everything. Also, be sure to backup to a computer or iCloud. In addition, in iOS 7, the following steps will work, but you MUST know your Apple ID, the credentials you use for downloading apps. Since iOS 7 isn't out yet, just follow the procedure. 

1. Disconnect the iOS device from the computer. 
2. Turn off the iOS device. 
3. Hold the home button while reconnecting the iOS device to the computer. 
4. Once the iOS device shows the "Connect to iTunes" screen, release the button. 
5. Follow the procedure on the computer. 

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