Saturday, June 15, 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was announced almost a week ago. So, I thought that it would be a perfect time to write a review for it. First off, I've always been a long-time fan of this series and it never gets old. Here's a picture of my character!

One of the best things about Animal Crossing is that you can do whatever you want to do! And I know what some of my friends are saying right now.
"But, u cn do tht in Minecraft 2!!!! Minecraft let's you do ANYTHING! All hail Minecraft!! jk lol swag lskjffhgeiv #yoloswag"
- One of my friend's quotes who's name shall remain anonymous
Well, in Animal Crossing, it's more civilized. To many, Minecraft is a game about killing everything in sight. Zombies, Creepers, friends, enemies, sheep, dirt, grass, etc. Animal Crossing doesn't have any particular goal. Nor does it keep you up until the wee hours of the morning (unless you have the night-owl ordinance and you really want to. In this game, you can talk to animals, shop, send mail, and customize your home. You can even take a train to another town! I really love the train concept. Not to mention, the game is for everyone! The game is casual in that way. You don't need to know anything about video games to play.

The mayor concept is very interesting. In previous versions, you were the new kid in town at the bottom of the food chain. In this new version, you make the rules. Create public works projects (like the bench pictured above). You can also create "ordinances" that can either:

  • make the town beautiful with flowers that never wilt,
  • make all of the stores stay open later,
  • make all of the stores open earlier or,
  • make the town have a booming economy!

The most interesting part of Animal Crossing (all versions of Animal Crossing, that is) is the fact that time is real in this game. By this, I mean that the sun sets around 7, the seasons change when our seasons change. The stores will close at night and open in the morning, depending on what ordinances you have in effect. You can't lose. You can't win. The game never ends.

Animal Crossing is available on the Nintendo 3DS for $34.99 digitally and is available in retail packaging as well.

Also, be sure to follow my Animal Crossing: New Leaf "Phlog", or Photo Blog, for my latest photos from the game.

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