Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WWDC: Part 2

WWDC also had unveiled iOS 7 at the keynote yesterday. iOS 7 has a whole new design!!! It's pretty cool. Apple takes a swing at Android with this new design. The lock screen has been redesigned. The home screen has been redesigned. And it's personalized to your, well, everything. Pretty epic! Just look at Control Center! It has a translucent background that fuzzes out whatever you put behind it. The lock screen adapts to whatever wallpaper you put behind it. Here's 10 Quick Features with interesting facts about them. One fact for each feature. 

Control Center:
Lets you perform utilities without switching apps. 

Notification Center:
Gives you a quick overview of your day. 

Saves a large amount of battery life. 

Allows you to switch camera modes fast (video, photo, square, panorama). 

Organizes the photos and allows you to allow others to share to your Photo Stream. 

Nice to see Apple integrating Mac features into iOS. Who needs "phone-tapping"?!

Minimaistic design for simple use. 

iTunes Radio:
Allows you to discover new music based on your recommendations. 

New voice to sound more natural. 

App Store:
Gives you app recommendations based on your location. 

Find My iPhone:
Doesn't allow thieves to re-activate iPhones after they're erased. 

iOS in the Car:
Gives directions like an iOS device would, IN YOUR CAR!!!

There you go! iOS 7 in a nutshell. Stay tuned for more updates on WWDC!

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