Monday, June 10, 2013

WWDC: Part 1

WWDC started today. Apple put a lot in the keynote. For this part of my post, I will talk about the Mac. Mac OS X has been outfitted with a new theme for the title names. Instead of cats, there's places in California. This version is named after a beach named, "Mavericks". This version of OS X has iBooks and Maps. New versions of apps include Calendar, Safari, Finder, Notification Center, and more! I'll tell you one very interesting fact about each one. 

Has support for textbooks with lots of potential. 

Plan your trip and send it to your iOS device. 

Get alerts for when you should leave (traffic-wise). 

Mainly, the design is the key feature here. Nothing groundbreaking. 

iCloud Keychain:
Stores credit cards and generated passwords. 

Multiple Displays:
Works with Apple TV. 

Tells what happened while you weren't using your Mac. 

Finder Tabs:
Allows for quicker productivity. 

Find things fast. Like, really fast. 

And that wraps it up for part 1 of WWDC. Be sure to check my Twitter feed (@alexsmbaratti) for updates on WWDC and E3. See you later!

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