Sunday, June 9, 2013

WWDC Roundup

Tomorrow is the big day! WWDC, or World Wide Developers Conference, starts tomorrow. Every year, Apple makes a big announcement about next generation technologies and gives a few lessons to developers. Let's get a quick review of rumors! Know that this is the first presentation since the iPad Mini for Apple (a whopping seven months ago!), so we might be able to expect a lot!


Confirmed Rumors:

iOS 7

iOS 7 has been confirmed by Apple in indirect ways. Last year at WWDC, former Apple Senior Vice-President of iOS Software, Scott Forstall, mentioned at the beginning of the iOS presentation that one of the great things about iOS is that a new version comes out each year. Another indirect way that Apple hinted about iOS 7 is that Apple has decorated the outside of Moscone West, the place in which the presentation takes place, with a large, minimalistic banner of the number seven. This obviously suggests iOS 7. MacRumors has confirmed that the font used for the "7" is "Helvetica Neue Ultra Light". iOS 7 is expected to have a simpler version of the home screen.

Source: MacRumors


Also known as Mac OS X, OS X is the Mac counterpart for iOS. Usually announced just before iOS, Apple seems to be steering the Mac to look more like an iOS device, stressed by the Launchpad app and GameCenter App released in earlier years. OS X also has a banner much like the iOS 7 banner. The "X" has the same font as the "7" in the iOS 7 banner.

Source: Mac Rumors

Probable Rumors:


Apple is well-known for music. Every year, they have a huge concert for thirty days straight featuring different artists known as the iTunes Festival! Apple wants to be like Pandora and is making a music service. Even Sony has jumped on board, so this seems probable, but not confirmed.

Notebook Refresh:

Apple is planning to make a new batch of notebooks. Unfortunately, that's all I know.

Live Tweets (Well, sorta):

I hope to send out live tweets from my official Twitter account (@alexsmbaratti) as soon as I can. This applies for both WWDC and E3. Unfortunately, because of school, I can't tweet in the morning. However, I will tweet in the evening for round ups and for live events at E3 (since more games are announced everyday). I'll try to tweet more than just Nintendo. My Twitter feed is available at the top of the page.

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