Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Current State of Apple's Self-Driving Car

It's a weird thought to think that Apple could one day sell cars, cars that drive themselves no less. And I think the first thing anyone thinks of when thinking of an Apple Car is how expensive it would be. But for that price, you'd hope it would be top of the line and safe. However, thanks to The Last Driver License Holder, we have a report from the DMV of the disengagement rate of self-driving cars that are being tested in California. A disengagement occurs when the car requires a human to take over. The data we have is across many brands and ordered. Apple currently ranks last with roughly one disengagement per every 1.1 miles. In comparison, Google's Waymo is in first with one disengagement every 11,154 miles. That is a striking contrast. While there are plenty of competitors that are far off from Waymo's disengagement rate, if a user has to intervene about every mile, why buy a self-driving car at that point? Hopefully, Apple can improve and figure out how to make the disengagements less frequent. To see the full report, please check out The Last Driver License Holder's post on the topic.

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