Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fixing a Butterfly Keyboard at the Apple Store

I went to an Apple Store today to see if I could get my "b" key on my MacBook Pro fixed, which has been doing repeat inputs lately. Since Apple just launched their Butterfly Keyboard repair program, consumers have been able to get their keyboards fixed through a variety of methods. I made an appointment beforehand using the Apple Support app. A Genius took my MacBook and inspected the key in question by typing it many times. He also ran diagnostics. He noticed the issue and said I could either have my MacBook sent in to have all the keys replaced for 3-5 days, which wasn't an option for me, or he could just replace the key in the back. I had my repair done on the spot and went in and out in under 45 minutes. Now, my keyboard is fixed and I can come in for repairs until 4 years after the purchase date of my MacBook Pro, in 2020.

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