Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Apple Watch's Accuracy at Detecting Abnormal Heart Rhythm

The developers behind Cardiogram and researchers at UC San Francisco have found that Apple Watch is very accurate at detecting abnormal heart rhythm. 97% accurate to be exact. Also known as atrial fibrillation, abnormal heart rhythm very often goes unnoticed, so detection is key. Just under 10,000 users signed up for the UC San Francisco eHeart Study. About 140 million heart rate and step count measurements contributed to Cardiogram's deep neural network, DeepHeart. DeepHeart used deep learning to learn to detect abnormal heart rhythm. Clearly, given the popularity of Apple Watch, this could become a very big push for heart health. Being able to give quantifiable data to a medical professional can help many detect atrial fibrillation and take steps to combat it. The full study is available from JAMA Cardiology

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