Sunday, May 7, 2017

Leave WWDC to the Professionals This Year

WWDC has been an event since 1983, but it's clear it has been made more consumer-friendly in recent years. For good reason too, more average consumers get to learn about the next software updates three months ahead. However, last year was a big problem in this regard. In an attempt to connect with consumers, Apple had normal people demoing software with respect to how it benefitted their lives. But it all came to a halt when two people demoing the new iMessage crashed the demo and had a huge stage malfunction. Later, a woman demoed the new Apple Music and tried to get the audience to sing along. Apple, come on. This is something I expect to see from Steve Balmer, not you. Your target audience should be developers who paid over a thousand dollars to attend this developer conference. They didn't pay to sing along to random songs or watch demos crash. In the demos, there should be a fine balance between relating to the consumer and communicating features to the developer. People like Craig Federighi did a great job at this. He explained how the features benefitted the user, but also explained how the features worked to achieve this. I hope to see this style return this year.

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