Monday, March 21, 2016

Let Us Loop You In: The Scoop

While today's Apple event was a short one, only 63 minutes, it did have some interesting things. After school when I first saw what was announced, I was a bit disappointed to only see rehashed versions of already existing products like the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro.

But you do have to consider the most important business practice of all time, and that is timing.

You could have the greatest innovation, but if it isn't timed properly, it won't work. Take YouTube for example. There were many other companies with their own video services before YouTube, but they didn't take off because of timing. Dial up was slow and the internet wasn't ready for Markiplier and dank memes. The same goes with Apple and today's event. You shouldn't expect a new generation of products during a Spring launch. Apple has shifted away from Spring launches, with the exception of the Apple Watch. Apple very well knows that the holiday season is their time. That is the time when they should time their new generations.

Today was just a refresh. Evolving the iPad Air 2 (which was long overdue for an update) into the iPad Pro and proving that a good iPhone can be both budget-friendly and up-to-date. See Apple? This is what we wanted when you released the iPhone 5c! We wanted Johnny Ive on a budget, not a phone made in a 3D printer.

So, with that said, let's go over today's events.

iPad Pro

As I said earlier, today was a refresh day, so you really can't go into too much detail in terms of what's new. However, the new iPad Pro does bring more continuity with the Mac line of products. Apple is now advertising the iPad Pro as coming in two sizes. Sound familiar? Similar to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air line, iPads now come in multiple sizes under one name. The new 9.7 inch iPad Pro can do pretty much everything the big iPad Pro can do. It's even getting its own Smart Keyboard case.

iPhone SE

Now we come to the little smartphone that could, the iPhone SE. I'll admit, I thought this was going to be an awful release when I first heard about it. But when the details and specs came out, I was astonished. It had all of the internals (with the exception of 3D Touch) of the current iPhone 6s. It had a 12 MP camera, Rose Gold color option, A9 chip, Live Photos, and support for the latest iOS. It succeeds where the iPhone 5c failed, proving that Apple did learn from their mistake. Guess how much (with a two-year contract) the iPhone SE costs for a 64 GB model. $49. Boom! And for the 16 GB model, it's free with a contract. Heck, that makes me want to get one as a developer phone.

Anyways, those were the bulk of the presentation. There were some software updates, Apple Watch bands, and a new thing called CareKit, but other than that, that was it. Oh, and Apple's 40th anniversary. So be sure to check out Apple's website for more information on the keynote. 

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