Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Apple Pay On Websites

Apple Pay is well-known for its point-of-sale use, meaning that you can use it at a store as a credit card. However, it can also be used in-app. This means that you can purchase items in an app (Target for example) without the need of an account or ever having to input your credit card information into the app. Just select Apple Pay and scan your thumb. That's it. However, why would you have an app on your phone if you didn't have an account. The chances of using this feature are quite low. However, being able to use it on a website could be useful. If you visit an online store via a website, you probably won't have an account. That being said, Apple Pay will be coming to websites this year according to Re/code. This would be announced at this year's WWDC event in June.

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