Wednesday, September 9, 2015

iPhone Event 2015: iPhone 6s and Apple TV

Today, Apple announced new devices across several of their product-lines. Here's a quick recap of what occurred at the event.

iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s has many new features that will change the way you use your phone. 3D Touch is basically Force Touch (from the Apple Watch) for iPhone. When you lightly tap on, for example, the Camera app, a list of options will appear, such as "Take Selfie," and selecting that will automatically have the front camera activated. Speaking of the camera, the iPhone 6s has a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera capable of taking 4K video. The front-facing camera has a 5-megapixel camera. In addition, photos taken will have the 1.5 seconds time around the photo capture saved as video. This is called a "Live Photo." It's used to help enhance your photos when you look back on them who knows how long from now. I'm sure that pizza looks that much better, doesn't it? Don't get me wrong, it's a nice touch, but the ratio of "how often I'm going to actually use this" and how much space this takes up will probably be around 1:2048. Hopefully, there's a disable feature, which I'm sure there is. My advice, make sure you get a model with enough space. At least 64 GB. Also, there's the A9 chip. It's 70% faster than the A8 chip. Cool. Next, the glass. It's made out of the same aluminum casing as the Apple Watch Sport, meaning less bending for the "Plus" model. Touch ID is twice as fast. That's nice. Anyways, these phones come out on September 25th and are available for pre-order at 12:01 AM on September 12.

Apple TV

Future of TV: Apps. Bam. Need I say more? The new Apple TV ($149 for 32 GB; $199 for 64 GB; coming in October) basically takes the experience on your iOS device and puts it on the big screen in a whole new way. It does come bundled with a remote that is charged with a Lightning connector and connects to Apple TV via Bluetooth. Very interesting choices, but that's not to say they're bad choices. The remote also has a 3 month charge, a touch pad, and a microphone for Siri. Using Siri seems to work well on the new Apple TV, allowing users to find specific episodes with criteria such as a guest star. If every episode of The Simpsons was in this database, I'm sure all the geeks in the world would let out a collective silent cheer in their heads. Also, the new Apple TV will support games! I do like the idea of using something almost everyone already has (an iOS device) as a controller in addition to the remote. However, it only works if they get good games. Not many people will buy an Apple TV just to play Crossy Road or Flappy Wings on the big screen. They did get Disney Infinity to get on board, so let's hope this paves the way for more developers. I'm sure we'll get more games on the Apple TV platform, but the examples they used to demonstrate it were just off. I don't know. They did invite Microsoft and Adobe to demonstrate the iPad Pro.

Speaking of the iPad Pro, I plan to write a post on that and the other products unveiled today in another post, hopefully tomorrow. See you guys then!

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