Thursday, September 10, 2015

iPhone Event 2015: iPad Pro and Apple Watch

Picking up right where we left off from yesterday, let's jump right into it.

iPad Pro

If you've ever wanted to see the Surface RT done well, then this is the tablet for you. The iPad Pro has 4 GB of RAM, which was confirmed by Adobe earlier today. It has half the screen size of the Nabi Big Tab, but with apps that you'll actually use and a good design. Oh, yeah. You also don't need a handle to carry it. Okay, rant over on mediocre tablets that try to compare themselves to iPads. It has a 12.9-inch Retina Display. To put that in perspective, take the iPad Air on your coffee table (because why would one not be there?) and turn it so it's landscape. That is the width of the iPad Pro. It has 4 speakers and an A9X chip, breakthroughs by themselves. Also, we have the Smart Keyboard, which is a Smart Cover with a keyboard that connects to iPad Pro via the discrete ports on the left bezel (not included). The Apple Pencil (not included) is a stylus that I pray has palm rejection, but attendees of the event have given it good reviews (however no specifics on the palm rejection). It is a nice stylus because Apple designs it to work with the iPad Pro. Meaning less lag, universal support, and accuracy. It can detect force, tilting, and more. It charges through the Lightning port on the iPad Pro. Before you bash that logic, listen to this: 15 seconds of charging allows for 30 minutes of use. That means you need to charge it for a mere 6 minutes for a full charge.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has a new edition. Apple is partnering with Hermés for new watchbands and watch faces. This is actually pretty cool. If Apple is to pursue this, consumers could pick and choose the same brand of Apple Watch as that of their traditional watch. Anyways, the Apple Watch comes with a watch face with a Hermés logo on it. Pretty nice. It's available at select Apple Stores and comes in a new box. Next, the Apple Watch Sport comes in gold and rose gold shades. This may be used to replace the Apple Watch Edition as it is limited edition. We also have a PRODUCT(RED) Sport Band  for the regular Apple Watch. Finally, Apple will be releasing fall color versions of Apple Watch Sport Bands. No word on when these come out.

So there you have it. Apple's 2015 iPhone Event in a nutshell. Be sure to watch it for yourself if you get a chance. Until next time!

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