Saturday, September 14, 2013

Managing Storage…

One of the many problems in modern society today is having enough storage for our devices. Here is my easy guide on how to free up storage space on your iOS device. First, go to Settings > General > Usage > and get a feel as to what apps take up the most space. Usually, the apps that take up the most space are apps that copy the ENTIRE PHOTO LIBRARY (iPhoto, 1SE, etc.) and apps that slowly accumulate data over time (Facebook, Minecraft, etc.). And let's not forget apps that are just naturally large. While you can't do much about the apps that copy the photo library and are naturally large, you can start off by removing any unnecessary apps that you won't need and apps with data stored in iCloud. You can also try deleting and reinstalling social network apps about once a week to get more storage. Next, try removing media that you don't use anymore. Media includes music, videos, and photos. My final tip is to buy videos in standard definition. HD uses up twice as much memory as SD and you'll only notice the difference when you pause, as you'll probably be too immersed in the content to notice. There are my tips! I hope it helps!

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