Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Heat Affects Battery Life

Recently, I noticed that when I leave my iPad in the car on a hot summer day, the battery is drained. This is strange because the iPad's battery can stay up to 80% over an entire day. It lowers itself down to 30%. This is because a chemical reaction in the iOS's lithium-ion battery powers the battery. Hot and cold temperatures play important roles in chemical reaction and can change the entire outcome. A hot temperature will make the battery drain faster (and supposedly vise-versa with cold). One other factor may affect this. I've found that the Smart Cover accessory can actually "fold open" and turn on the screen of the iPad. This may also be a factor. This can be resolved by removing the Smart Cover or by going to Settings and turn off "iPad Cover Lock / Unlock" until you come back to it. For both of these methods, you'll have to manually lock the iPad by pressing the top button. I hope this helps!

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